Building a dodecahedron! For Okeechobee Music Festival!

It’s that time of year again, and the Okeechobee Music fest is a short month away. This year, the Temple of Leisurism will be installing the Office of Misinformation. This project was made possible by a grant from Burnt Oranges . The Office of Misinformation will be inside a structure shaped like a dodecahedron, that we are fabricating right now.

The skeleton will be steel, bolted together with custom couplers at the vertices, and covered with a skin of canvas. Below is a video playlist & photos showcasing the progress. This includes making all 120 flanges for the couplers, as well as CNC machining the jig to weld the couplers together.

More content in the coming days.

here is a sketchbook 3d rendering done by Thomas (one of our artists) of what the dodecahedron could look like. He used the application Blender
deburring the flanges after cutting from stock
my drilling setup on the bridgeport mill
it was faster to countersink/debur 120 holes with the cordless drill than in the vise
120 finished flanges, almost ready to weld
designing the welding jig in solidworks
exporting the CNC operations to G code
hogging out most of the mass with 3d adaptive clearing using a 3 insert 20mm endmill
finished welding jig pocket
how the jig will work to hold the steel pieces in place